XiT is a service provided by MA Services primarily focused around tools that can be used by cell phone. Michael Andrews used KJEX Radio to help advertise this company and make it more popular.


As many of the other services provided by the KJEX Network, XiT was developed by Michael Andrews and his production team at MA Services. The company decided to make a service which could provide radio listeners with a way of identifing music that they heard but were not given the title for. It was decided that the company should be called Examine It, or XiT, to make it available for other services aswell. The first announcment of this service was sent out on May 22, 2009 and gave the listeners of KJEX Radio East and West a brief description to how to use the service. The advertisements were carried out over other radio channels aswell and gave XiT a successful launch.


Today, XiT provides several different services all used through the cell phone. 3 Apps have been released to the iPhone and Android, which allow users to take advantage of these services.

  • XiT Song - Lets you identify any song playing in your location.
  • XiT Love - Gives you access to the world's largest dating portal.