These articles document the official policy of KJEX Radio Wiki.

Rules and guidelines

  • About Policy - This page outlines what policy is, and the processes behind it
  • Rules - The rules of KJEX Radio Wiki must not be broken on any accounts

Copyright and Privacy

  • Copyright - Guidance on the reproduction of Copyright material
  • Privacy policy - The use of user's private data held on or by KJEX Radio Wiki
  • Copyright templates - Templates for marking Copyright or Copyleft content and images

Article content

  • Style Guide - Guidelines for layout and style of articles
  • Create - How to create an article, and guidelines for page titles etc
  • Consistency - Making sure content is consistent across the wiki
  • Speculation - What speculation, extrapolation and educated guessing is permitted

Staff and Vandalism

  • Cleanup - The process of keeping KJEX Radio Wiki's articles clean, correct and consistent
  • Vandalism - Guidelines for how to deal with vandalism, and what counts
  • Deletion - Guidelines for the processes behind deleting pages on KJEX Radio Wiki
  • Protection - When and why pages are protected by administrators.

Status and Awards

  • Staff - The different levels of staff, who they are, and how to apply
  • Medals - Awards given to members for ongoing commitment and outstanding contribution
  • Featured articles - How articles are given "featured" status

Adding [[Category:Policy]] to any policy pages will add them to the policy category. This is found here.

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