Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, administrators can access a few additional functions.

Staff (Moderators, Administrators and Managers) are users on KJEX Radio Wiki with the responsibility to keep the wiki running smoothly. The main job of all Staff is to help users, so don't hesitate to ask a member of Staff if you have any problems or questions.

Certain Staff also have various rights, administrative tools and authority over the wiki. There are three levels of Staff on KJEX Radio Wiki. No users other than the ones mentioned here have any administrative privileges or decision-making authority.


Inspector Inspectors are users on KJEX Radio Wiki who have been trusted to keep an eye out for hackers and spammers. Inspectors are trusted helpers, rather than having "power" or "authority" over other users. Inspectors do not have to be experienced editors and can not always help you. They are here to help keep the site clean and perhaps to perform maintenance on articles.
  • none
Inspector Rights:
  • Propose deletes.
  • Edit other user posts.
  • Patrol other users edits
  • Note IP addresses of hackers and spammers.


Corporal2 Moderators are users on KJEX Radio Wiki who have been trusted with additional tools to keep the Wiki clean. Moderators are trusted helpers, rather than having "power" or "authority" over other users. Moderators are always experienced editors, so should be able to help you if you have any questions.
  • none
Moderator Rights:
  • Rollback edits (quick revert)
  • Move pages
  • Patrol other users edits
  • Set own edits to automatically-patrolled
  • Protect talk pages


Sergeant Administrators (Admins or SysOps) are members of Staff with tools and authority to solve disputes and keep the wiki running smoothly. Administrators are still just editors of the wiki, and the main part of their job is the help other users; but they enforce the policy of KJEX Radio Wiki, and occasionally need to step in and use their additional tools to solve problems.
  • none
Administrator Rights:
  • Protect, move & delete pages
  • Edit protected pages
  • Suspend/block users and IPs
  • Some discretion with rules
  • Reset user passwords


Flight Sergeant Managers (Bureaucrats) are the users that steer KJEX Radio Wiki. They have authority in any disputes, and can approve large-scale changes to the wiki. As well as being full Administrators, Managers can also promote other users to staff.
Manager Rights:
  • Promote staff
  • Final decisions on rules
  • Approves, interprets and modifies policy
  • Major decisions about the wiki
  • Edit 'MediaWiki' system namespace

Promotion to Staff

See Administrator Promotion to see the process for nominating staff for promotion, and to provide nominations and opinions.

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