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For the KJEX Network, see KJEX Radio
For the original KJEX Radio Station, see KJEX Radio (station).

KJEX Radio (pronounced keɪ dʒɛks) East is the main channel of the KJEX Network. It was also the first radio station of the KJEX network. It was broadcasted throughout all of Eastern United States and primarily served as a "rock only" channel, playing only very popular music that was generally considered to be classic "rock". Today, it is also the by far the most popular channel of the entire KJEX Network with over 4,000,000 daily listeners worldwide.


The idea to create a radio station was hatched by college graduate Michael Andrews. His many friends in college admired his good taste in music and told him that he should create a radio station will all his well-thought-out playlists. He devoted a lot of energy and time to gather all the equipment needed to pull it off and decided that he would give it a try. In early December of 2007, Andrews launched KJEX Radio. The launch was not very much of a success. His music selections were heavily criticized by the public and the pre-launch advertisements and commercials he had put arrange together with the cost of the temporary studio was much higher than Andrews had expected. He immediately decided that this attempt to create a successful radio channel was a waste of money and gave up with his creation.


After a lot of persuasion from friends and family, as well as a few minor sponsorships, Andrews decided to relaunch KJEX Radio and devote some more time to it. Due to copyright claims, he changed the name to KJEX Radio East and began to broadcast a mixture of popular and older music. The charges were dropped but the name stuck. The first broadcast was made on June 2, 2008, and brought many listeners. The mix of music from different eras, as well as the different types of music that Andrews decided to introduce became very popular and the radio channel quickly became the most listened to in the state (New York).


As of January 2009, KJEX East was broadcasted in Canada, England, Sweden, and Finland. The broadcast was national and could therefore be featured in the native languages of the countries. The popularity of KJEX East in only America grew so much that Andrews was forced to establish another radio station on the west coast called KJEX Radio West. KJEX East has over 4,000,000 listeners daily in the whole world and is broadcasted in 14 different countries. It is the third most widespread radio channel in the world with the two placing higher in the ranks are active in 18 and 16 countries. Andrews stated in an interview with The Daily Prophet that he would attempt to beat that record and establish KJEX East in several more countries, but this day has yet to come.