KJEX was the original name of Michael Andrews' first attempt to start a radio channel. He changed the logo later on due to his own opinion that the "K" was way to dominant.


Andrews stated himself the the name "KJEX" originated from his own past. His nickname in school was "Jex" because he was somewhat of a perfectionist and wanted things to be exact. His friends called him "just exact" which they later shortened to Jex. Andrews says that he was never bullied, but found it quite funny and agreed to being called Jex. The "K" had always been his favorite letter when he was a child and stated that this is why he used it in the company name, but there have been speculations as to other causes to the name, but none of these have been confirmed.

Copyright IssuesEdit

When Andrews was going to relaunch KJEX in 2008, he was accused of stealing the company name and was forced to use KJEX East while the launch was in place. The charges were dropped later that year but Andrews decided to continue with KJEX East due to the very high popularity and the establishment that the radio channel had recieved.