Managers have full authority in deciding who is to become staff on KJEX Radio Wiki.

The process for appointing staff is discussion amongst staff, and a final decision made by a Manager. There may be a public discussion before the decision is made, particularly if a person is nominated for promotion (or nominates themselves).

Click here to nominate a user to become staff!

The staff will then decide whether to start a promotion discussion. Anybody may comment in a discussion, including the candidate. You may ask questions to the candidate, and the candidate can explain why they should become staff. Don't forget to sign your comments.

Don't forget that any member can act like a staff member, cleaning up content and helping other users. It is the members who do this who will be more likely to be accepted as Staff, which simply gives them extra tools to do that job. There is no point having an administrator that does not add content, because that is what KJEX Radio Wiki is all about. However, pretending to actually be staff is not acceptable.

If you disagree with any nomination after it has occured, you can comment on the talk page of the nomination. If you have concerns about the conduct of any staff member, report it to a Manager immediately.